Wednesday, 20 March 2013

10.No flash and java script External

The most important issue for a website is Google not able to crawl and index site content if Web site made entirely with Flash. Because there are often no links for search engine crawlers to follow or HTML text to copy. 

11.Sitemap and robot

A sitemap is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. Sitemaps are a way to tell Google about pages on your site. Site maps are two types they are
  •                    XML sitemap
  •           HTML sitemap

XML sitemap is for Google, HTML sitemap is for users Generate sitemap by using the following link

Robot txt file: 
Robot txt file is also called as robot, it is used to exclude content from the crawling process of search engine spiders / bots. By using the following link we will create robot txt file

12. Internal linking

Internal linking is the most overlooked and undervalue technique in all of search engine optimization. Your high-authority pages should be linking to your new page.

13. At least 300 words on each page

Content play  a vital role in for getting ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.. Make sure your page contain 300 words it’s better for your keyword site health.